Been a stressful week

For the country in general; seriously, have we come to the point where Donald Trump is a presidential nominee, and his likely opponent is struggling to wrap up her nomination, and looking like her one claim to strength will be Not Being Trump?  Weeks like these we need things like The Force Awakens being told in emoji:

Hope Civil War doesn’t break my heart further.(Although given the way most things have gone in the MCU so far this year…)


One thought on “Been a stressful week

  1. People will get the president they elect. We can’t blame the newspapers either. Yesterday Obama rolled out a new set of rules that expand consumer protection, allow class actions suits against banks. On the Net Trump’s picture of himself (satirically I think) rejoicing over Hispanic food was retweeted 34,000 times; Obama’s announcement 150. Clinton has a sensible helpful program to help college students and do all sorts of things that are good for us all, and with a plan to pay for it by doable sensible rises in taxes on the wealthy and corporations. We have to keep saying these things.

    It is true that a great deal of the lack of enthusiasm for Clinton comes from men who control much media in all sorts of ways.

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