Oh now the news is truly bad

So Agent Carter got cancelled, and I was just writing a blog about that.  Heartbreaking, yes, but we knew the odds weren’t looking good.  But now, after all the hype for Bobbi and Lance getting their own series, ABC goes and friggin passes on it?!   At least Peggy got a lot of her story told.  Bobbi may never have hers told now.  Leaves two MCU characters, including an important female one, in limbo, and now the only female lead left on any of our screens is Jessica Jones, at least until Captain Marvel finally happens, and who knows how many times they’ll push that damn movie back.  Marvel should not have female leads only on Netflix!  Seriously, I’m furious now.

The only way this can possibly be made up for is if they announce a Black Widow movie.  NOW.  They’d better not use the fate of these two female-led shows as an excuse to back off on those Black Widow movie comments.  If anything, when there’s plenty of evidence it’d do just fine financially, thank you very much, there’s all the more reason to put another movie with a female lead onto the schedule.

Would see a little sad to see Galavant go, relieved that the Muppets will no longer be insulted by those people who made that mockery of a show about them, and satisfied to see we will not be subject to a version of Castle that Kate Beckett was kicked out of, if I had room for such feelings right now.




One thought on “Oh now the news is truly bad

  1. Another angle: similarly The Bletchley Circle was cancelled after a second season. It had okay rating; yes, not enough to rake in millionaire salaries but is that the only criteria? Hayley Attwell will be remembered for this role though and go on to other and maybe better things.

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