Two decades later…

We are finally getting some information about Cursed Child!  It’s bits and pieces getting released along with the promotional photographs, such as that Ron and Hermione are still married, which is deeply relieving; I think we’ve all had enough of fictional breakups since last December.

Although it does seem settled that the play starts just after the epilogue, since they’re talking about 19 Years Later and also Albus and Scorpius are in what the article about the latter and his father describes as pre-Sorting Hogwarts robes.  That raises the question as to whether there will be a twist in what houses they end up in, especially since Rose’s robes hint she might be a Hufflepuff, although given what the article says about her, that would make for a very interesting kind of Hufflepuff.  Also, Scorpius might genuinely be a nicer kid than his father was, if Rowling is saying the girls will like him.  Unless she’s trolling us.

Then again, if she didn’t certain fans to still crush on Draco, maybe he shouldn’t have been so handsome!

Draco Malfoy Cursed Child

Seriously, with a ponytail?


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