Okay, can this week end now?

Just how many damn shootings have there been over the past seven days? How many deaths? How many terrorist attacks? (You certainly won’t get an accurate number from the media for that one) It seems every time you turn around, someone else is dead. Or multiple someone elses.  Meanwhile, we’re trying to commemorate the one-year anniversary of another gun massacre, and all I can think is, at this rate?  Every day of the year’s going to be an anniversary for some similar event before too long.

Seriously, it was already bad enough that the populace of Britain’s looking like they’re going to vote to cut off their noses to spite their faces for the second time in as many years.  But when Parliament members are getting murdered in public over it, well, arguably they’ve already crossed a far worse line.  One I fear we’ll cross in the U.S. too, the way things are going; we even came close in 2011, though that time the congresswoman involved survived.  It’s telling that both that attack and yesterday’s were on female politicians, actually.

Four months to the election.  And now we seriously have to worry about how many people will get killed in the meantime.  Or after, since the people who are voting for Trump might even just get worse if their guy doesn’t win.  Stronger gun laws would help, of course, but even they won’t stop all of it.  There may be too many more weeks like this one in the future.



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