This blog will no longer be updated

Two and a half weeks ago, I signed on to Fansided to write for their new blog, Culturess, which is the new version of the blog I was already doing Dancing with the Stars recaps for, and just went live today.  I will also be doing figure skating posts for them, recapping events, starting with this weekend’s opening Junior Grand Prix event, talking about other major news, and doing some other posts like this one.  I may also occasionally contribute to their Marvel blogging and other topics.

Which takes out a lot of the material I wrote about here, and also, takes up a lot of my time.  So I have made the decision to let this blog go.  Photoblogs, singing videos, and other similar materials will now be posted directly to my tumblr.

So at the Olympics so far

This was pretty:

So was this:

And also, I was happy to see Andy Murray carrying the British flag, but there’s a bit of gloom about it too, because you have to wonder what flag he’s going to be walking in under in Japan in four years time(won’t be the Scottish one; I don’t think they could get an NOC together in time, but it might be the Olympic flag).
Meanwhile, Koreans are scarily good at archery, but we already knew that one, and the bicycle race went a bit crazy. So just your typical Olympics really. So far.

A DWTS Showmance Actually Makes it to the Altar!

There have been a number of cases over the years where couples on the ballroom floor of Dancing With the Stars have become couples off it, albeit not quite as many as the rumours would have us believe, but most of those haven’t lasted too long, and I do believe Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson are the first ones to tie the knot.  No surprise, perhaps to those of us who watched them compete last spring, when their clear connection to each other was their biggest strength on the floor, and tonight, let us celebrate by reviewing the stronger half of their ten dances:

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