A DWTS Showmance Actually Makes it to the Altar!

There have been a number of cases over the years where couples on the ballroom floor of Dancing With the Stars have become couples off it, albeit not quite as many as the rumours would have us believe, but most of those haven’t lasted too long, and I do believe Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson are the first ones to tie the knot.  No surprise, perhaps to those of us who watched them compete last spring, when their clear connection to each other was their biggest strength on the floor, and tonight, let us celebrate by reviewing the stronger half of their ten dances:

When Kym first brought Robert on the floor in a comic Shark Tank-riffing cha cha cha, almost everyone was more interesting in watching her than him, especially since she was making a comeback after three years away.  But if he was never going to be her equal technically, he showed himself to have a joy on the floor to make up for it, until he boosted hers:

The next week, they did the foxtrot that perhaps summed him and the two of them up:

Even when doing a tribute to his late mother during personal stories week, they were all about the joy:

Not that they couldn’t do heat; in fact, when they took on a nominally 80s Argentine tango, questions as to how 80s is was were quickly ignored by the wise, as they fueled the already growing romantic rumors by doing the hottest routine of the season:

Naturally, when the audience was given the chance to make requests for what ultimately proved Robert & Kym’s final week, they wanted them to kiss.  Although the two of them ultimately would not admit to a romance during the show, confirming their relationship only months later, they did oblige, in a contemporary number that combined the lightness and joy with the romance:

Kym hasn’t been back to the show since, and with a judging gig on her native Australian version we may not see her on it again, but she must be quite happy she did that last season.  We can only wish her and Robert all the best.


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