Can we have more of this, guys?

Seriously, when I saw this on the long bus detour home this evening, I was suddenly back in grad school and loving these two boys so much:


And really, boys, we need all the joy we need right now. I don’t know if you’ve noticed(the Swiss guy might not), but things are pretty miserable in the world right now(just like they were back in the Bush era). We need you to finally to a proper number together, with costumes and full length and everything. Please?

I should be excited about the Grand Prix

But instead I’m in mourning.  Was it only a year that Joshua Farris and Jason Brown were going to be the next great two and the next great rivalry?  Like Evan and Johnny, except better, and more dignified.  Now we’ve lost a skater who could’ve accomplished so much.  You just hope this isn’t going to damage Joshua’s health permanently.  Jason’s farewell to him on twitter yesterday was both heartwarming and heartbreaking.

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New skating montage

Made a tribute to Ashley Wagner, and discovered when trying to put it on Vimeo that said website has decided not to recognize my password even when I’ve just reset it.  I made a different account using my old email address, but it seems I must go searching for a new website…or possibly give in and return to YouTube, but I’ve no idea how many of my videos they’d block or mute. Password is “ashley”

aw from MsIsobel on Vimeo.

Things Go Better at the ISU Congress Than Anticipated

There were a couple of very pleasant surprises when figure skating’s Powers That Be met in Croatia this week.  At the beginning of it, there was way to much reason to think the man of infamy from France would be skating’s next president and things would go from bad to worse.  But first they went and shocked fans everywhere by actually getting rid of anonymous judging!  It seems at least enough people in position to abolish it recognized it had to go, including the bigger federations, apparently.  And then said Frenchman dropped out at the last minute, and instead our next president is some other former speed skater nobody’s heard of who seems pretty bland and might not stick around long anyway, but if he doesn’t he should at least be relatively harmless.  Better him than Didier, anyway.  Amused by the age cap they passed; I suspect they did this for similar reasons the Academy tried to shuffle out their older Oscar voters quicker this year with new rules.

Though about their other actions this week I have some reservations.  Besides the whole debate about how much skating later remains an advantage even post-6.0, I’ve never liked this continually pushing of the higher-ranked skaters closer to the end; that does ensure one kind of suspense, but it’s the same kind, and more variety in start orders is something that has given competitions different flavors, which will be even more missed now.  Nor do I like this continuing shortening of programs and elements, because someday’s it going to go too far.  Although it might be just as well if they’re going to increase the range of GOEs.  In theory, this is a good idea.  In practice, I fear it’ll increase the divide between the higher skaters and the lower ones, and make the former even harder to beat even when they make multiple errors, because they’ve earned too many points from their collected elements.  Although the increase in penalty of falls may help alleviate that at least a little.  That was definitely a good thing to have passed; it was sorely needed already, and once the new GOEs come in post-2018, will probably be even more.

As for the athlete’s commission and development commission, we’ll see how much they accomplish.

To Conclude on the 2015-2016 Season


The ladies competition at Worlds, culminating in Evgenia Medvedeva forcing everyone to acknowledge her brilliance, Anna Pogorilaya putting it together at the right time and showing a Russian girl can still medal without being a baby ballerina phenom, and, of course, Ashley Wagner breaking the US ladies medal drought in style:

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2016 Worlds, Ladies

The ladies event at Worlds ended up being the one that caused me the most anxiety.  With the other three, if I wasn’t completely indifferent to the results, I wasn’t seriously invested in any one thing happening.  In the ladies, I desperately wanted Ashley Wagner to medal, even though I didn’t know if she could.

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2016 Worlds, Pairs

Boston’s Worlds had more than one glitch in how they ran things, but probably one of the worst was when, the day of the pairs short, they didn’t leave sufficient time for clearing and cleaning the arena after the morning practices, meaning 40 minutes before the event found us crowded in the train station on the arena’s bottom floor, the line going some way out the door, waiting to be let in.  By the time I sat down, my only wish was simply for Meagan Duhamel & Eric Radford to skate a clean short program, because I loved their short this year, and I love them, but, like everyone else, I honestly didn’t think they could win.

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2016 Worlds, Men

The men’s competition was the one where I was largely unhappy about the result.  Also that there was way too little good skating from the top five.  I was unhappy over the medalists, the failure of the Americans to preserve their top spot, and also over how much enjoyment was lost by the failure of certain skaters to stay on their feet.

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