Been a stressful week

For the country in general; seriously, have we come to the point where Donald Trump is a presidential nominee, and his likely opponent is struggling to wrap up her nomination, and looking like her one claim to strength will be Not Being Trump?  Weeks like these we need things like The Force Awakens being told in emoji:

Hope Civil War doesn’t break my heart further.(Although given the way most things have gone in the MCU so far this year…)

Daredevil & Star Wars!

We’ve been anticipating the new Daredevil trailer and our first extended look at the new season since yesterday, but then Star Wars went and dropped this:

Which of course tells us absolutely nothing, but still, it’s fun to celebrate this moment with the people actually making the movie.

And then there’s this:

Strange, how even those of us who have no prior exposure to the Punisher have now spent months hearing enough of his story that the opening of this trailer, the reminder of his murdered children, can hit us this hard. And oh, Foggy, just wanting Matt to not destroy himself. And Karen, too; I’m still not shipping her and Matt, but her willingness to argue with Matt over the rightness of his actions is a good sign. I’m kind of meh on Elektra right now, though. A bit too much femme fatale for my tastes. Maybe the second trailer will make her more interesting, since it looks like that’s going to focus on her.

Star Wars Rebels premieres the second season early

And I thought the first season schedule for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was a bit jagged.  I was lucky to catch the premiere of Star Wars: Rebels‘ second season last night; I only heard about it by a chance tweet Friday afternoon!  Previously I’d read about the second season happening in the fall-which is it; we have to wait that long for the rest of it!  Which ain’t a short wait, especially considering the last ten minutes of the hour-long premiere, during which, by the way, this show went up a whole new level of quality, though it concerns me a little that the character who *really* broke our hearts s the one from Clone Wars which we may or may not see much of during the rest of the season.

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Bit a rough day

My mother woke up with terrible chest pains and ended up in the ER, where they diagnosed her with…terrible chest pains, my personal information is very likely now in the hands of the Chinese government, and Sir Christopher Lee is dead. I am therefore choosing to celebrate the life of the last by posting one of the silliest cinematic things I have ever seen:

So a toast to the actor whose final film count, at 280, may never be beaten, who dazzled us all with his villainy(although he played other roles too), and who was not even afraid to sing. I grew up with his voice as King Haggard in The Last Unicorn, and came of age watching him bring a connection to Tolkien into Lord of the Rings(and his fanboying of it always was kind of adorable) and being the highlight of Attack of the Clones(not the only film, I’ve no doubt, he was the highlight of, though probably the highest profile one). He even was going to working on #281 when this happened. At least we had 93 good years with him. RIP, Sir Christopher.

Agent Carter & Star Wars:Rebels

Big franchises are where it’s at these days, and this winter I spent my Mondays and Tuesdays watching two TV series’ tying into movie franchises, both of them the second series of that franchise I had tuned into(In the case of Star Wars: Rebels I’d watched the premiere back in the fall, but missed the other fall episodes because they’d aired at the same time as Dancing with the Stars; thankfully they were all reran later).  They also chose to wrap up within a week of each other; Agent Carter‘s first season concluded Tuesdays, and the season finale of Star Wars: Rebels airs this coming Monday.  Both of them were quite good; in fact, I would go so far as to say both were better than the recent movies(although that’s an incredible thing to say in one case, and maybe not so incredible a thing to say in the other), and both have had me on the edge of my seat these final weeks.  And both were very much made for fans of the franchise, and gave them very much what they wanted.  And now it’s looking like only one of them might come back, which is really sad.

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This was something I’ve been thinking about ever since I ran into The Worf of Starfleet, but seeing this really clinched it for me: we are now a culture that treats a movie trailer, especially one for a franchise movie, as it’s own work, worthy of being parodied should a good idea present itself:

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I suppose I should be excited this May the Fourth

And perhaps I’ll be when the trailers and such start getting released for Episode VII. But right now I’m still in the process of letting go of the Expanded Universe. I am glad that at least the TPTB are being as kind to us as possible with it, leaving the material there to the side as “might have happened” and even giving us a tribute video:

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My first big convention

And it only took until I was nearly 30 to make it to one!  I accompanied my sister and five of her friends to the inaugural Awesomecon in DC yesterday.  One of them was dressed up as the Pope, and three more as his cardinals.  My sister and I had no such costumes to wear, though I did done a pair of Star Trek earrings she’d purchased at her own first con back in 1992, which more than one person at the con liked.

Apparently these are considered vintage these days.

Apparently these are considered vintage these days.

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Dancing With the Stars, Season 18, Week 1

So we’re back in the ballroom, with a few more changes made: there’s a new band and singers, so at least not all the music will be recorded after all, but they play different music, and the show doesn’t feel the same.  On the other hand, the judges have been moved back to their old spot, there is once again a skybox for the couples to retreat to.  Also there are pretty new scoring graphics, and Erin Andrews gives old partner Maks a shoutout.  No red carpet this time: we open simply with Jason DeRulo doing his new single, briefly getting a pro partner of his own.  Then the dancing begins:

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