Two Shows at Wolf Trap

For both of the past two weekends, mom and I have gone to Wolf Trap for some classical music.  The first weekend, we went to the Barnes to watch the obscure 18th century comic opera L’Opera Seria, which was about a company trying to put on a serious opera that parodied much of the conventions of the genre.  Then this last Saturday night, we went to the Filene Center to see the National Symphony Orchestra play a concert, which followed a symphony from Sergei Prokofiev and a suite by Maurice Ravel with the main event: Stravinsky’s The Firebird, accompanied by a show by the South African  Handspring Puppet Company telling through puppetry and dance the history of their country over the last twenty years.

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Eurovision 2016

After six years of watching Eurovision on various streams it felt a little weird to be watching it on TV.  I was a bit worried when Logo’s pair of commentators talked nonstop during the opening, but thankfully they had the sense to quiet down during the actual performances.  Still, I kind of wish it had been on a channel I had an HD version of, but at least it wasn’t a channel where my screen was cut off.

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New Song

So this is a song that had been one of my favorites back when it was on the radio all the time, and then years later I downloaded it from iTunes and learned it was from the soundtrack of an apparently bad Punisher movie. Which means that ever since said character was announced as being in the second season of Daredevil I’ve had it stuck in my head, so I am singing it out.

In Memoriam

David Bowie was many things to many people, but to me, he will always be Jareth, the Goblin King:

Although if that’s a little over the top for you, well, he was often over the top, but have him with Bing Crosby instead:

Cancer claims yet another victim. RIP.

Singing Taylor Swift

Seeing how I do with some female pop singers.  Actually surprised by the relative lowness of Taylor Swift’s vocal range; picked this song partly because it one of hers that works better with mine, and partly because of all of her songs I’ve heard, I think it may be her best.