I may be set to see Star Wars tomorrow, but this week it seems a couple of other franchises were doing their best to distract us with trailers.  New teasers for Sherlock‘s retro special and Fantastic Beasts, and a big trailer drop for Star Trek: Beyond.  Marvel even threw in the international trailer for Civil War, although the last only contained a minimal amount of new footage(it sure provoked the feels though).

Both the two new teasers seemed mostly about us getting a first look, be it the Abominable bride, since we’d seen the main duo all decked out in Victorian already, or the Scamanders and a little bit of wizarding America.  The Abominable Bride comes across for the later trailer as some sort of horror flick, although proper Sherlock Holmes would insist there is some sort of mundane explanation for a supposedly dead bride coming back to life.  The Fantastic Beasts teaser is harder to pin down, though I did like the opening nod back to the opening of the  Prisoner of Azkaban movie, and the moment with opening the growling suitcase was very Potterian.  I’m less certain how I feel about the big council chamber, but David Yates has always been good at giving us a wizarding world we can believe in.

The Star Trek: Beyond trailer, meanwhile…oh dear.  That there is a short of the Enterpise apparently crashing makes me wonder if they’re trying to do an alternate version of The Search for Spock, which is a problem when there were no main characters left dead at the end of the last movie.  In any case, it did not look from the trailer like such a movie would be more than a shell of the original, all the technical details thrown in but the spirit of it completely wrong.  My first reaction to it was to agree with Mr. Crusher’s assessment of the situation, and remind myself that I walked out of this franchise before, and I am perfectly capable of doing it again.  Simon Pegg insisting the actual movie is a bit more Trekkian than the trailer is reassuring, especially since trailers tend to be misleading anyway, but I still don’t hold this as a good sign.

Ming-Na’s turn to shine

I’m still not entirely sure how much I approve of Melinda May’s current storyline, and I’m not just saying that as a Philinda shipper.  It’s definitely annoying how the storylines of two of the female characters now are caught up in their feelings about men.  But given how often on TV the Strong Woman becomes weakened when she falls in love, I must say I love how that very much does not happen on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  Having her heart broken does not stop May from being as awesome as ever.  Instead, we get a chance for Ming-Na Wen to really exercise her acting talents, and as in “Melinda” last season, she did not disappoint.

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Dancing With the Stars, Season 21, Week 9, High Drama Night!

This is a live show, Tom reminds us, just after an opening montage plays for a week without an opening number.  When the stars march out, we learn why he’s saying that: Tamar is in the hospital, having gone there from the dress rehearsal, and right now they don’t know if she’ll be able to get to the ballroom in time to dance(we never learn exactly what went wrong; though she appears to be ill).  An unfortunate week for it, since they’re reviving what three seasons ago was known as the “Celebrity Dance Duel,” now calling it the “Showstopping Teamup Challenge,” with two couples teaming up and the two celebrities having to dance by themselves for a spell.  This time the emphasis is on them doing numbers from stage shows.  The first round has no particular theme.

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Agents of SHIELD, where the wild fan theories turn out to be true

In most shows, if you had a character, and meanwhile there’s another villainous character running around possibly posing as someone else, and for the first character to behave like the second character is pretty close to anathema of who he is and what he stands for, and the magical phlebotinum involved in the creation of the second character is shown to only change people physically, not mentally, the very idea of the first character proving to be the second character would be so absurd the show wouldn’t go for it.

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4,722 Hours

Wednesday morning, after early spending the week anticipating what we had been told was the best episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. made yet, I read a certain TV Guide article that made it clear that Jemma was going to be shown as having met an romantic rival for Fitz while she had been on the planet.  Naturally, I wasn’t happy.  Like many fans, I had wanted the episode to just be Jemma surviving and having a story apart from that, and a love triangle seemed a stupid, unimaginative way to keep apart a pair of characters whose storyline had already gone on quite long enough, and would already have to go on longer while she recovered from PTSD.  By 9 that night, it was less than an hour after I had snapped the TV off in disgust and had also officially given up on the new Muppet show, which had not improved my mood; nor had the fact that my remote was acting up(and when I saw acting up, I mean not working at all; it was a good thing I was on ABC already).

Then I sat down and actually watched the episode.

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Dancing With the Stars, Season 21, Week 7, Halloween Night

Halloween Night has now become a staple of the DWTS fall season, but sadly, the end of a short opening for this one does not include Len emerging from a coffin to announce himself as back.  Erin isn’t back yet either; Leah continues to fill in; even as a monster(actually Sasha Farber, who has apparently been pranking everyone all week) shows up to freak her out during one of the interviews!  Halloween Night also means team dance week, but first, the individual dances:

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Dancing With the Stars, Season 21, Week 6, Famous Dances Night

It’s Famous Dances Night on Dancing With the Stars, and we open up with a number that samples a bunch of them.  Everyone’s back with their normal partners except Tom, who is hosting alongside substitute co-host Leah Remini, since Erin Andrews is off covering baseball.  And Olivia Newton-John is at the judge’s table, which may be why they start the night’s competition with the dance they do, and also so they can plug Julianne’s upcoming live starring in Grease coming up next year:

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Dancing With the Stars, Season 21, Week 5, Switch-Up Week

It’s not only Switch-Up week, we’ve also got the return of Maksim Chmerkovskiy, having another go at the judge’s table.  He now has very different hair which honestly makes one do a double-take when he first appears with the other judges at the end of the opening number.  Though it makes him prettier than ever; Bruno ends up having trouble keeping his hands off him!  Also presented are the newly formed couples, which were already announced beforehand this season.  Another montage of everyone talking about the switch-up also confirms this week’s scores will be combined with last week’s; as is normal for switch-up week, no elimination tonight.  Then we finally get to the couples themselves:

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Dancing With the Stars, Season 21, Week 4, “Most Memorable Year”

A weak season loses a further asset for the week; Tom Bergeron is taking the week off, going to be by the bedside of his ailing father.  Alfonso hangs around for another week to host in his place.  We get an opening montage of the stars chalking out their most memorable years on the screen which is actually pretty neat, and then we head into the sentimental waltzes(and other dances), which will be peppered by a couple of other announcements to concerning the pros, Witney is engaged, and crazily, Allison is pregnant!

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