Three hits?

Quick query before I run off to a job interview this morning. Checked my stats last night, and discovered I had gotten three hits. All due to the search engine term “is johnny moseley gay?”
I suppose it must have been the combination of my blogging about Johnny Mosely and then about Johnny Weir being gay(too many people in the world named John, yo). But three hits? Or was it one user rechecking twice?
For the record, Johnny Mosely is married to a woman with whom he has a kid(despite “Skating With the Stars” attempting to build up UST between him and Brooke, whom last I heard is spoken for herself)

So the ringer won after all…

I’d given up on it after Bethany got a ten; even if Rebecca got perfect scores, I thought, surely it wouldn’t be enough.  But when she did it was, and good for her, especially because she was so happy about it.

But that wasn’t the important part.  The important part happened the beginning of the show:

Johnny Weir and Denis Petukhov showing off their chemistry on national TV.  Glorious.  (Pity Melissa missed out, but  I hear they’re working on that second threesome number again).

So I am very glad this show brought us that, and Brooke Castile being awesome again, and Tanith and Ben skating to The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and Tanith in general jump-starting what’s sure to be a long and fruitful TV career.  Now, how long until we get Battle of the Blades imported?

Now I’m Just Disgusted

Jonny and Brooke

You preferred Bethany to this, America? Really?

A nearly thirty-point deficit, and we still couldn’t get rid of Bethany?!  And at this cost?  Brooke and Jonny were beautiful, they were relateable, and if he didn’t have Rebecca’s technical skill, he was still a worthy opponent to her.  Unlike Bethany, who I now believe is going to win anyway, because unless they hold the scores over, which I don’t think they will, she’s not going to be thirty points behind again!  If it wasn’t for Johnny Weir performing again tonight I wouldn’t even watch.

Fate itself has it in for this show

What viewers Skating With the Stars has managed to retain(or possibly just ABC’s producers) may have wanted Brandon Mycal Smith to survive his stomach virus, and had he been on Dancing With the Stars, maybe he could have done it, but skating’s harder, and so the question of which couple Bethany Frankel was likely to survive at the expense of was unpleasantly answered.  At least we got more Denis out of this, but after everything Keauna’s gone through, it’s really sad to see her have to exit when she could very well have won.  Though my money(and my votes) are on Brooke and Johnny.  They’d deserve it, anyway.

Meanwhile, they have now realized that this show is not appealing to people, so they’re now having gimmicks like ambulance zambonis and Johnny outright dismissing Bethany on the air(there’s no way such a thing didn’t happen with at least tacit approval from the producers), though unfortunately then giving her higher scores than she deserved.  What stops they’ll pull out next week I can’t wait to see.

So, about Skating With The Stars

The sad thing about Skating With the Stars is that contrary to what the bigger nay-sayers said, it was a very doable show.  Just look at Russian TV, with its two simultaneous skating-with-celebrities shows.  Okay, skating’s very big over there at the moment and less so over here, but even here, when you watch Skating With the Stars, you can see the potential for this thing to work, as least with one or two of the couples:

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