This blog will no longer be updated

Two and a half weeks ago, I signed on to Fansided to write for their new blog, Culturess, which is the new version of the blog I was already doing Dancing with the Stars recaps for, and just went live today.  I will also be doing figure skating posts for them, recapping events, starting with this weekend’s opening Junior Grand Prix event, talking about other major news, and doing some other posts like this one.  I may also occasionally contribute to their Marvel blogging and other topics.

Which takes out a lot of the material I wrote about here, and also, takes up a lot of my time.  So I have made the decision to let this blog go.  Photoblogs, singing videos, and other similar materials will now be posted directly to my tumblr.

Back from New York

Ran away from the world for three days, and after one day back, I’m too tired and sad to do much writing tonight.  But I have some photos from my walk in Central Park Wednesday evening:


Outside the Metropolitan Museum at closing time.

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Okay, can this week end now?

Just how many damn shootings have there been over the past seven days? How many deaths? How many terrorist attacks? (You certainly won’t get an accurate number from the media for that one) It seems every time you turn around, someone else is dead. Or multiple someone elses.  Meanwhile, we’re trying to commemorate the one-year anniversary of another gun massacre, and all I can think is, at this rate?  Every day of the year’s going to be an anniversary for some similar event before too long.

Seriously, it was already bad enough that the populace of Britain’s looking like they’re going to vote to cut off their noses to spite their faces for the second time in as many years.  But when Parliament members are getting murdered in public over it, well, arguably they’ve already crossed a far worse line.  One I fear we’ll cross in the U.S. too, the way things are going; we even came close in 2011, though that time the congresswoman involved survived.  It’s telling that both that attack and yesterday’s were on female politicians, actually.

Four months to the election.  And now we seriously have to worry about how many people will get killed in the meantime.  Or after, since the people who are voting for Trump might even just get worse if their guy doesn’t win.  Stronger gun laws would help, of course, but even they won’t stop all of it.  There may be too many more weeks like this one in the future.


Peak Bloom in DC

Tomorrow morning I head for Boston, there to remain for the next week for Worlds.  But this weekend the cherry blossoms here in DC are officially at peak bloom, just in time for the opening of the festival.  There are a number of trees in my neighborhood:


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I’m still wondering about the timing of this week’s Metro shutdown. For one thing, they knew about the system’s ability to catch fire for months. And even if this was provoked by its doing so Monday, what on Earth took them so long to announce it? Even if they felt they couldn’t shut it down immediately Tuesday night and leave everyone stranded, they should have announced much earlier. Instead I only found out minutes before I left work, and even then it wasn’t official yet, which meant no transportation advisories like there might have otherwise been. Although it was by the time I got out at King Street, where they were hastily trying to get the word out:



I seriously considered staying home Wednesday, especially once I learned there was no bus that went directly to the Pentagon from King Street; I was particularly worried about trying to change buses when the traffic would probably make it difficult for them to keep on schedule.  But ultimately mom and I went out to try to drive me to Braddock Road, with the hope that if we ran into impossible traffic, we’d be able to turn around.  But we ran into surprisingly little traffic, and there weren’t very many people on the bus I boarded either.  It took us through a scenic neighborhood on the way to the highway, where there were multiple tulip trees in bloom:


I was impressed by this tree on the way there; I took a photo of it on the way home

When in turned onto 395, the bus took the middle lane, which wasn’t too crowded.  There were more cars on the right, headed into the District, though they were moving steadily:


I was a little more worried about what the traffic might be like at five.  But ultimately, the boss was nice enough to let us go 59 minutes early.  Boarding my first bus home on a day that was hard enough for everyone as it was, I endured a very rude driver, but 395 was much as it had been in the morning:


Although now I was on the wrong side of the bus to photograph it properly.

I even managed to get back to Braddock Road in time to board the bus I regularly take at its starting point, albeit with much less time to spare than I should have had, after going back through that scenic neighborhood:


Another photo of tulip trees, taken while the bus was in motion.

From what accounts I heard, the day varied wildly for people.  Some, like me, were lucky and had easy times of it; others went through hours of hell.  Now we are left to wonder how much safer our trains really are, but most of us will keep taking them.  It did take me a long time to get home.

Ode to a Slow-Moving Website

So it’s gonna load forever
Till your machine bursts in flames
When you think the loading’s over
The page will go and crash again
Right now we’ve too many users
Guess they’ll all go insane
Cause you know they hate slow loaders
But who loves this game?

All those high tech companies
Who say we’ll go so far
But we enter our search terms
And they don’t know what they are
Right now we’ve too many users
Guess they’ll all go insane
But we’ve got a search box, baby
So let’s type a name!

A ice flow on the Potomac

Took these two photos Sunday when I went walking in Old Town and reached the waterfront and the marina right outside the old Torpedo Factory, from where depart the tourist boats and the water taxi that goes to and from National Harbor, and where the rich people keep their own boats.

2016-1-30 Ice flow

2016-1-30 Ice flow2

Tomorrow the forecast is for rain and wind with highs gone into the 60s, and I will stop using my snow boots; I didn’t even really need them today.  Winter might be something like a two-week season this year…

More Snow Photos

At about quarter to one yesterday, nearly 24 hours after the snow had started falling, mom and I finally stepped outside with the shovel to deal with the issue of snow on the walk.  Unfortunately, it had accumulated quite a bit by that time.

2016-1-23 Outside the door

At that point, we had to face the serious possibility we might be trapped inside the house.  Thankfully, there were a pair of guys driving around the neighborhood offering to shovel everyone’s walks for money, so we got them to do ours.  After they were done, we headed out to assess the condition of the car and take some more photos.

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Winter Shows Up 15 Minutes Late With Jonas

Yesterday, in anticipation of the blizzard, the government was only open in the morning, and a little after one in the afternoon, after I’d run a couple of last-minute errands, I found myself walking home from the DC Metro’s King Street Stationwith the snow starting to fall.  When I began my walk, it wasn’t yet sticking to much, but already there were plenty of flakes.  This was the best picture I could get of them; you can see it stands out against the darker parts of the rail bridge.

2016-1-22 Beginning of Jonas

Before I had finished my long walk up King Street, it was sticking to more things, including dirt, the leftover snow from Wednesday night, and especially leaves:

2016-1-22 Snow on the leaves

Halfway through my walk and there was enough on the pavement for footprints to be visible.

2016-1-22 Footprints

Unfortunately my phone shorted out right after I took this picture and wouldn’t turn back on until I got home and could plug it in, but by the time I got home the snow was starting to cover everything.  Now it’s nearly cover my mom’s car and the small tree in our front yard, which I may take photos of later.