Can we have more of this, guys?

Seriously, when I saw this on the long bus detour home this evening, I was suddenly back in grad school and loving these two boys so much:


And really, boys, we need all the joy we need right now. I don’t know if you’ve noticed(the Swiss guy might not), but things are pretty miserable in the world right now(just like they were back in the Bush era). We need you to finally to a proper number together, with costumes and full length and everything. Please?

I suppose this sort of thing was inevitable

Given how big figure skating in Japan is these days, and there have already been animes & mangas telling stories about fictional skaters, sooner or later they’d take interest in the real ones.

"The comic book about me and my life will be published soon! It's getting very funny!"

“The comic book about me and my life will be published soon! It’s getting very funny!”

Hearing that there’s going to be a manga about Plushy makes me wonder what other skaters could use a manga of their lives. Indeed, I wonder if there have even been some done already word hasn’t reached the west about.  The Japanese skaters, obviously, would all be good subjects(Shizuka Arakawa especially; she’d look beautiful drawn manga style). Johnny Weir might be a good one, although the true bishonen from his era was always Jeffrey Buttle(or maybe Stephane Lambiel, who is also big in the country).  The Japanese being prejudiced against both the Koreans in general and Yu-Na in particular I suppose that would be too much to hope for, which is a pity.  Maybe Julia Lipnitskaia, but they might want to wait a few years; most of her story hasn’t happened yet, probably.  The Japanese seem to still generally be less interested in the couples disciplines where they still lack skaters, but Team Canton would make for great drama, and Marlie would look great.

More sad news

And it seems the topic of the week remains Johnny Weir.  I didn’t know what to think earlier, but reading Access Hollywood’s preview, I can’t help but notice that when Johnny makes his allegations of how the bite happened, Voronov’s representative doesn’t actually deny them.  So far that’s the strongest indication we’ve had either way of who’s telling the truth(or at least the closest thing to it), otherwise it’s word against word and I’m not sure I trust either of them there.  So I believe Johnny.  For now.(I’m keeping my currently blog title though; I like it).

In more professional news, Denny & Coughlin may have gotten the spot for Worlds, but now they can’t use it anyway.  I suppose if they actually stay together through all their recent mishaps, it’ll show them to have qualities they haven’t had so far in their skating lives, him especially.  Their chances of placing high enough for their to be practical consequences were never very high, so the loss to Team USA is minimal.

And in memory of Mitch Leigh, it seems most of the more memorable skates to his music have been yoinked from YouTube by the IOC, but Pang & Tong had an exhibition version of it also worth watching:

Back from Boston

So mom and I spent a week in Boston, enduring Hell to get there, spending way too much money, and spending a lot of time in cold ice rinks to take in some skating.  Three days of watching juveniles, novices, and juniors in the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center followed by, then to the TD Garden for the rest of it.  It was the second time I’ve watched a competition, the first being the 2007-2008 Mid-Atlantic Regionals, which is hugely different from this affair.

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This Week in Figure Skating, May 6-12, 2013

This week’s headlines:

ISU releases schedule of international competitions for next season

Nebelhorn to have entry restrictions & team event

Czisny & Weaver & Pojé relate last season’s travails

Johnny-Weir Voronov talks while headlining Ice Dreams

More music & Grand Prix preference news

Viktoria Pavuk comes out of retirement

Iliushechkina & Kocon split confirmed

Mozer & Zhulin groups choreography travel

Interviews with Hurtado & Diaz, Hochtstein, & Johann Wilkenson

More show news

This Week in Figure Skating, April 15-21, 2013

This week’s headlines:

Boston announced as USFSA selection for 2016 Worlds bid hours before bombings

Ashley Wagner splits from Phillip Mills

Two apparent team splits & a possible new team

Denney & Coughlin, others announce music

Japan & French skaters gather

International Selection Pool updated

Morozov group to fly to New York

Second World Developement Trophy in Manila

Hong Kong Nationals

Canada Stars on Ice & upcoming shows

Belbin & Agosto possibly to skate together again

Todd Gilles confirms retirement

Cohen & Leonova star in very short films

Alleged 2002 scandal mastermind indicted for worse

This Week in Figure Skating, April 8-14, 2013

This week’s headlines:

USA wins World Team Trophy

Asada announces pending retirement, Chock & Bates music

ISU warns members against competing in Dubai

Current & upcoming shows

Yankowskas off IcePartnerSearch

This Week in Figure Skating, February 25-March 3, 2013

This week’s headlines:

Russians & Americans take most the medals at Junior Worlds

Ponsart, Yan out of Senior Worlds

Updates on injured pairs, Bazarova & Larionov, & Chan

Kriengkrairut & Giulietti-Schmitt change coaches

Artur Gachinski shows preview of new long

Johnny Weir updates about season

Reports on Canadian pairs

Flatt may not compete next season

Withdrawal in Dancing on Ice semifinals

Dorothy Hamill on Dancing With the Stars

World Hall of Fame nominees announced

This Week in Figure Skating, Dece,ber 31, 2012-January 6, 2013

Actually, the only news I paid attention for much of the day was the lockout ending, but I found time to do a short one: December 31, 2012-January 6, 2013

This Week in Figure Skating, December 17-23, 2012

This week’s headlines:

Hanyu & Asada win at Japanese Nationals

Takahashi & Tran split

Weaver & Pojé confirm injury, concede only Canadian Nationals

2014 Canadian Nationals in Ottawa

Lipnitskaia & Shelepen out of Russian Nationals

ISU leaves minimums for Europeans as they are

Nationals also held in Italy, Germany, China, Hungary, Ukraine, & Austria

Joubert getting new long

Galindo & Nichol into U.S. Hall of Fame

Casts of Japanese Stars on Ice & Dancing on Ice announced