So What Do We Know Now That We Didn’t Before Comic Con?

Trying to get one’s head around all the news that dropped at Comic Con isn’t easy when more of it keeps coming out!  Especially when I’m still anxious to hear that we won’t have to wait until 2019 for that third season of Daredevil.  Sadly, it is now confirmed it’s not coming next year, but it sounds like Matt and Jessica will both have seasons in 2018, while The Punisher may be the one that waits longer.  Which might be smart; it’ll give them time to figure out how to center a series around a character like Frank Castle, since that’s not the easiest thing to do.


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Why This Clintasha Shipper is Glad it’s Not Happening in the Movies

I admit, I am not looking forward to having to grit my teeth through the Brucetasha that apparently is going to be in Age of Ultron, and I’m even seriously worried as to whether or not this romance will be in character for Natasha.  And until yesterday, I was also worried I would not have a reason to be glad, because Clint would be killed off anyway.  But now it’s confirmed he’s going to be in Civil War, so he’s gonna live.  Which means, by the way, that we know five of the first six Avengers will survive the upcoming movie, because that makes four of them in said movie, and Thor’s got his own upcoming movie too.

And remember, this is Joss Whedon we’re talking about.  If there’s a romance that really does come a bit out from left field?  He probably opted to go for it because it’s a romance that’s easy for him to doom.  Also, it’s hard to believe, especially with the latest trailer combined with all the remarks made, that we’re not going to lose someone, and there’s only one person who isn’t confirmed for the later movies.

Except losing, in Bruce Banner’s case, actually might not need to mean actually being killed off.  I have suspected for some time, and am even more convinced after seeing this Brucetasha promo and having everyone else confirmed as going to live, that they’re going to do the plotline from the comics where his friends send the Hulk off into space because they believe he’ll be better off there.  Besides, what act on Tony’s part would better really ensure that the Avengers would be torn apart?  Steve would be appalled by such an act done against the Hulk’s will, of course, which would be a perfect setup for the fight between them in Civil War.  The others could easily split down the middle(although Clint and Natasha had better not be torn apart over this.  Even if they’re strictly platonic, Bruce still shouldn’t be more important to her than him.  PERIOD.)

And if Whedon had decided to do the romance between Clint and Natasha?  Let’s face it, people, there’s only one way that would’ve ended.  And I’d rather have Clint apart from Natasha and alive than with her and dead.

The Avengers

The Avengers is a movie I went in rather underinformed on; I had little knowledge of the current state of Marval’s Avengers, I hadn’t seen last summer’s Captain America movie and knew only the basics of his backstory here, and the only one of the characters I really knew anything about was the Hulk, and even there my knowledge was limited.  I hadn’t even been keeping track of what Joss Whedon had been up to since Serenity very well.  To some extent this was a problem; the movie told you enough to follow, but I had the feeling I would’ve understood better had I known more.  Or maybe if I’d been in my younger years, when I saw a lot more movies like this.

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