Week One of Wimbledon

I must say, as well as all its other benefits, it’s nice that moving the tournament back a week means that here in the States, we have a national holiday taking place when ESPN is still showing Wimbledon the entire day.  Since it seems there will never again be a People’s Sunday, we need all the days off from work in which we can actually watch live that we can get.

Although at least they had the sense to use the roof today, and make sure everything was done in time for the big day of tennis Monday.  Still, one did worry about if the gambit failed to get the match completed before curfew, and we instead had Gael Monfils and Gilles Simon coming out to play two games Monday instead(and when Monfils would’ve thrived on a People’s Sunday too, I bet).  Quite frankly it was a relief when Simon didn’t have much trouble with the last set.

Today was definitely an odd one, in ways.  Petra Kvitova going out even felt more of a shock than Rafa Nadal had Thursday; after he went down at the French, one almost feels like anything could happen to poor Rafa anyway.  A bizarre episode involving medical timeouts begs the question as to whether it is proper to give someone who’s thrown you off with a medical timeout a taste of his own medicine, or, if that was not Andy Murray’s motivation, just how alarmed we should be about these back/shoulder issues.  And James Ward losing, though it was a match that didn’t draw the attention or drama of Serena and Heather Watson yesterday, is kind of more heartbreaking than the latter.  After all, Heather is still on the up, and did we really want her triumph to come at the expense of Serena’s possible calender slam, and a good all-Williams grass battle?  But who knows if James Ward will ever again get anywhere near the chance he couldn’t grab today, and when the matchup he would’ve prevented would’ve been no great loss(seriously, why couldn’t Dustin Brown had followed up?  I want more of that guy); hey, we might have even seen an all-British quarterfinal!(talk about the crowds going crazy…).

And now the question is, do we dare start believing in Madison Keys now?  Or will she now get overhyped and then crash and burn, just like every other young North American woman who has shown promise recently?


More people who have impressed me

Jeremys Ten and Abbott.  Haven’t seen anything skates from Canadian Nationals yet, but really happy to see the former in position to make it back to Worlds.  Although I’m more worried about the latter.  His short programs were well enough in 2011 and 2013 too, after all, and I would be a lot happier if he’d built up a real margin for error.  Still find it a little strange they he didn’t break 90, honestly, though as I accidentally slept through the kids’ shorts I can’t judge whether they deserve to be ahead of him or not.

Adam Rippon.  Though again, we’ll have to see if he holds it up in the long.

Ashley Wagner.  I’m not entirely sure she deserved the 72, but I ain’t complaining, and her short was good to watch for more than one reason.

Kaitlin Hawayek & Jean-Luc Baker, for their skating this time.

The US tennis ladies.  Four into the Round of 16!  Watched Madison Keys win this morning, and she did lose quite a few service games, but she certainly did a better job serving it out than Ferrer across the way!