Can we have more of this, guys?

Seriously, when I saw this on the long bus detour home this evening, I was suddenly back in grad school and loving these two boys so much:


And really, boys, we need all the joy we need right now. I don’t know if you’ve noticed(the Swiss guy might not), but things are pretty miserable in the world right now(just like they were back in the Bush era). We need you to finally to a proper number together, with costumes and full length and everything. Please?


I suppose this sort of thing was inevitable

Given how big figure skating in Japan is these days, and there have already been animes & mangas telling stories about fictional skaters, sooner or later they’d take interest in the real ones.

"The comic book about me and my life will be published soon! It's getting very funny!"

“The comic book about me and my life will be published soon! It’s getting very funny!”

Hearing that there’s going to be a manga about Plushy makes me wonder what other skaters could use a manga of their lives. Indeed, I wonder if there have even been some done already word hasn’t reached the west about.  The Japanese skaters, obviously, would all be good subjects(Shizuka Arakawa especially; she’d look beautiful drawn manga style). Johnny Weir might be a good one, although the true bishonen from his era was always Jeffrey Buttle(or maybe Stephane Lambiel, who is also big in the country).  The Japanese being prejudiced against both the Koreans in general and Yu-Na in particular I suppose that would be too much to hope for, which is a pity.  Maybe Julia Lipnitskaia, but they might want to wait a few years; most of her story hasn’t happened yet, probably.  The Japanese seem to still generally be less interested in the couples disciplines where they still lack skaters, but Team Canton would make for great drama, and Marlie would look great.

This Week in Figure Skating, July 1-7, 2013

This week’s headlines:

ISU Council proposes change to interruption rule

Miki Ando reveals existence of daughter

Suzuki, Hicks announce music

Victoria Muniz to return to US ranks

Extensive interview with Adam Rippon

Two new junior Canadian ice dance teams & a Bulgarian pairs split

Wintersun competition in Queensland

Sun Valley series & Fantasy on Ice

Wagner & Plushenko pull out of Japanese engagements

Vincent Zhou makes a commercial

This Week in Figure Skating, June 17-23, 2013

This week’s headlines:

ISU Council publishes tech minimums

Japan & Czech Republic put forth Olympic qualifying procedures

Japan Open partial roster

Schultheiss out of it

Poirier has broken leg

Anissina continues to talk of comeback

Possibly not last season for Asada after all

Possible Davis & White and definite Paul & Islam music news

Chesapeake Open, Boston Open, Grand Rapids Open, & Southern California Interclub Competition

All That Skate in Korea & other show news

Rostelecom Cup needs new venue

This Week in Figure Skating, May 20-26, 2013

This week’s headlines:

Pechalat & Bourzat move to Shpilband, other coaching changes

Ksenia Makarova to miss season

Russian intranational competition locations announced

Carroll confirms return to El Segundo

Suzuki to skate to La Vie En Rose

Multiple other interviews with skaters or coaches

Dancing on Ice’s next season will be last, other reality TV news

Denis Ten has show in Kazakhstan

EDI Awards

This Week in Figure Skating, April 22-28, 2013

This week’s headlines:

Nicks to no longer travel

Lots more music announcements

Asada & Kozuka both discuss plans, new Japanese show additions

Amodio after a month off the ice

Vasiliev to develop 2018 prospects, Canada already doing so

ISU releases technical details for singles & pairs

Junior teams splits

Skate Dallas & Irish Nationals

Music on Ice & other shows

Alexei Rogonov marries

This Week in Figure Skating, April 8-14, 2013

This week’s headlines:

USA wins World Team Trophy

Asada announces pending retirement, Chock & Bates music

ISU warns members against competing in Dubai

Current & upcoming shows

Yankowskas off IcePartnerSearch

This Week in Figure Skating, January 28-February 3, 2013

Yeah, I know, I know, everybody’s watching the Super Bowl instead.  But I’ve still done it, did most of it in the afternoon because I had a date tonight, finished up-then did an edit after saving the initial mp3 file because the news had literally just broken of Adam Rippon’s withdrawal, and it’s up: January 28-February 3, 2013

This Week in Figure Skating, September 17-23, 2012

September 17-23, 2012

This week’s headlines:

Japan threatens to pull skaters from Cup of China

Pairs alternates list for Grand Prix close to depleted

U.S. skaters for Croatia confirmed

JGP Bosphorus in Istanbul

Internal competitions in China & Russia

Interviews with Russian & French skaters

2nd season of Be Good Johnny Weir premieres

This Week in Figure Skating, July 9-15, 2012

July 9-15, 2012

This week’s headlines:

Carolina Kostner to stay

Cynthia Phaneuf injured

Club competitions in Los Angeles, Vail, Milwaukee, & Texas

Multiple skaters announce music

Interviews with Rukavitsin group in Latvia

All That Skate & The Ice head show announcements

Michelle Kwan carried Olympic torch