These sisters

If last night was the last time we see Venus vs. Serena, what was match to end with:

No holds barred, Venus rising to the occasion, and Serena, in the end, finding her way to the finish line again. The Calender Slam getting yet more likely, especially with Petra Kvitova now out today; and with Vika Azarenka going out minutes ago, just about the only player left now with even a prayer of stopping it is Simona Halep. And a sisterly hug at the end.

Also, it’s not news the cops are racist, and nor is it news that James Blake is a man with a lot of class.  But…yeah.


Three days of Wimbleweird

Just as well I’m going away tomorrow; these last three days at Wimbledon have been enough for anybody!  I’ve lost track of the upsets and injuries both, one of my favorite two players is out when he really should not be yet, and I don’t even have Ovie and MaKiri to cheer me up.  Maybe the tournament will start making sense on the big Monday, when I’ll be back.  Until then, a few thoughts:

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Dead Spots Are Dead

This morning, around the time Rafa was 0-4 down to Bernard Tomic in the second set, I tweeted that this was officially the weirdest Australian Open ever.  Then Rafa got both the breaks back and life resumed it’s normal programming, but still, it’s an odd one.  I can now think of six mid-match retirements offhand, the surface of one of the stadium courts is malfunctioning, the nice Belgian girl is accused of pregnancy-related grumpiness and retaliates by embarrassing the man responsible while he was interviewing her(and ESPN initially bleeps out a reference to her boobs which made me initially think she was repeating something dirtier), and right now I can’t remember what else.  And as I type this, the reason for the latest injury-related retirement has changed from a finger injury to a groin injury.  Which actually makes things less odd, but still.

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