A DWTS Showmance Actually Makes it to the Altar!

There have been a number of cases over the years where couples on the ballroom floor of Dancing With the Stars have become couples off it, albeit not quite as many as the rumours would have us believe, but most of those haven’t lasted too long, and I do believe Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson are the first ones to tie the knot.  No surprise, perhaps to those of us who watched them compete last spring, when their clear connection to each other was their biggest strength on the floor, and tonight, let us celebrate by reviewing the stronger half of their ten dances:

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So What Do We Know Now That We Didn’t Before Comic Con?

Trying to get one’s head around all the news that dropped at Comic Con isn’t easy when more of it keeps coming out!  Especially when I’m still anxious to hear that we won’t have to wait until 2019 for that third season of Daredevil.  Sadly, it is now confirmed it’s not coming next year, but it sounds like Matt and Jessica will both have seasons in 2018, while The Punisher may be the one that waits longer.  Which might be smart; it’ll give them time to figure out how to center a series around a character like Frank Castle, since that’s not the easiest thing to do.


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Defenders! Lots of Defenders!

If one was looking for a distraction from our possible impending doom last night, Marvel & Netflix certainly provided it.  I may have yelled in relief when I heard Daredevil is indeed getting its third season, right before all the trailers suddenly started dropping.

Reading more about the panel this morning, it seems, unfortunately, that the clip we’ve gotten of Luke Cage is actually the least informative of the ones shown as Comic Con last night.  Luke wrecking havoc with a car door is all well and good, but I’d have rather seen Misty Knight.  Although we do at least now have it confirmed that we’re getting Luke’s backstory, and it’s sounding pretty similar to the one from the comics.  Likely we’ll get a more informative trailer sometime next month.

The Defenders teaser, on the other hand, told us a surprising amount for a clip where the only actual footage was a single voiceover line.  But between that voice being Stick’s, and the outline of the Hand, it’s pretty obvious who the villains for the teamup are going to be.  I suspect we may be getting Elektra back too, though whether she will be still around or truly gone for good at season’s end is another matter.

I suppose I should be getting excited over Iron Fist, but…

And meanwhile we have both of those now confirmed for 2017, which means we’re left with three series seasons floating around with no release date yet, and one of will have to wait until 2019, unless they decide to start releasing more per year.  They may have to, if their dance card gets much more crowded.  Given how excited people are getting over Luke Cage, I’d be surprised if we don’t also eventually get a second season of that, and the other upcomings series also have good chances of it.  I hope they do it.  I do not want to wait two and a half more years for the third act of Daredevil…

Dancing With the Stars, Season 22,Week 10, Finals, Night 2

Always got to up things for the Finale, so this season the opening includes not only a bit at the neighboring Grove Hotel, but also on the adjoining roofs!  Other normal elements of the finale are also present, such as the return of all the eliminated celebrities, and Erin getting herself onto the floor and surrounded by hot guys.  But another new thing: longtime show choreographer Mandy Moore(not to be confused with the late 90s teen pop star of the same name), makes an on camera appearance!

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Dancing With the Stars, Season 22, Week 10, Finals, Night 1

It’s effectively week two of the first two-week finale in DWTS history, what with last week’s scores carrying over to the final totals.  They actually might or might not make the difference: according to Tom, the combined score/vote totals of the three finalists differed by less than 3%, which wouldn’t seem like much most seasons, but this one’s another matter(and hey, it’s more than the margin at least one couple won their trophy by).  First round tonight are Redemption Dances, where each couple gets another crack at a style they didn’t do well enough the first time around.

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The Marvel Movieverse Tears Itself Apart

It seems 2016 is the year everyone in the MCU breaks up and wrecks their lives.  We expected such things from Civil War, of course, what with it being the Civil War.  But much more heartbreaking was actually the second season of Daredevil, especially since while we know the Avengers will be reunited in two years’ time, and the final sequence of Civil War even laid the ground for it, two months after it dropped we’re still waiting anxiously to see if that third season even happens(and if it does, and they do Born Again, it’ll get worse before it gets better).  And meanwhile in real life, we’re starting to see even more sharply the divide between the movies and the TV universes, with a huge global phenomenon from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. getting what seems like a begrudged line of vague lipservice in Civil War.  Which is not good; the whole appeal of this franchise is that they’ve got this shared universe with shared history, and the movies would be well to suck it up and accept that they’re not the only thing writing said history.

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Dancing With the Stars, Season 22, Week 9, Semi-Finals

The intro to the semi-finals this season isn’t too long: an opening montage, and then the celebrities and their partners dancing out to each other on the floor.  So there’s time for not only a reminder of the double-elimination but yet another announcement from Tom: scores and votes from this week will carry over and count towards the final winner-determining totals next week!  Well, if they don’t eliminate anyone next Monday night, that actually makes sense; they’ve got to do something with them, after all.  Another new thing this season: it’s trio night, and the trios will open the show this time:

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Eurovision 2016

After six years of watching Eurovision on various streams it felt a little weird to be watching it on TV.  I was a bit worried when Logo’s pair of commentators talked nonstop during the opening, but thankfully they had the sense to quiet down during the actual performances.  Still, I kind of wish it had been on a channel I had an HD version of, but at least it wasn’t a channel where my screen was cut off.

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Oh now the news is truly bad

So Agent Carter got cancelled, and I was just writing a blog about that.  Heartbreaking, yes, but we knew the odds weren’t looking good.  But now, after all the hype for Bobbi and Lance getting their own series, ABC goes and friggin passes on it?!   At least Peggy got a lot of her story told.  Bobbi may never have hers told now.  Leaves two MCU characters, including an important female one, in limbo, and now the only female lead left on any of our screens is Jessica Jones, at least until Captain Marvel finally happens, and who knows how many times they’ll push that damn movie back.  Marvel should not have female leads only on Netflix!  Seriously, I’m furious now.

The only way this can possibly be made up for is if they announce a Black Widow movie.  NOW.  They’d better not use the fate of these two female-led shows as an excuse to back off on those Black Widow movie comments.  If anything, when there’s plenty of evidence it’d do just fine financially, thank you very much, there’s all the more reason to put another movie with a female lead onto the schedule.

Would see a little sad to see Galavant go, relieved that the Muppets will no longer be insulted by those people who made that mockery of a show about them, and satisfied to see we will not be subject to a version of Castle that Kate Beckett was kicked out of, if I had room for such feelings right now.



Dancing With the Stars, Season 22, Week 8, Judge’s Challenge

It’s Judge’s Challenge the week before the semi-finals and no one is safe, declares the opening montage, before we have an opening number full of fog and flashy glowpoles.  Except for the first time this season, they’re calling results as they go, and turns out one pair of people are safe right after intros: the first couple to perform:

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